2pcs/lot 12QR77110 Paper Exit Gear For Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C5501 C6000L 751 601 C6500P C6501e C6501eP C500 20T 100T
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  • Üksuse Tüüp: palju (2 tükki/palju)
  • Pakendi Suurus: 13cm x 19cm x 5cm (5.12in x 7.48in x 1.97in)
  • Pakendi Kaal: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)

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2pcs/lot 12QR77110 Paper Exit Gear For Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C5501 C6000L 751 601 C6500P C6501e C6501eP C500 20T 100T

Brand Name: For Konica, For Konica Minolta, For Minolta, For OCE, For Develop, For Imagistics, For HP, For Ikon.

Type:Paper Exit Gear 20T/100T

Feature: Genuine

Part number: 12QR771100

Color: White

Machine Model: For Konica 8050 , Colorforce 8050

For Konica Minolta Bizhub C500 PRO/600/750/PRO 920/PRO C6500/C451/C550/C650/LD-6500/PRO C6501/PRO C6501P/PROC5501/C6000L/751/601/C6500P/C6501e/C6501eP/PRO C6500e/PRO C6500eP/PRO 950/PRESS C7000P/PRESS C8000/PRESS C7000/PRESS C6000/PRESS C70HC/LD-5100/LD-6501/ CF5001/ KL5100/FS-115 Finisher/FS-210 Finisher/FS-215 Finisher/FS-504 Finisher (50 Staple)/FS-517 Finisher/FS-520 50-Sheet Stapling Finisher/FS-505 Finisher (100 Staple)/FS-509 Finisher/FS-518 100-Sheet Staple Finisher/FS-513 Finisher/FS-604 Finisher/FS-602 Booklet Finisher/FS-606 Finisher/FS-607 Booklet Finisher/FS-608 Saddle Finishe/FS-610 Booklet Finisher/FS-524 Finisher (50 Staple)/FS-525 Finisher (100 Staple)/ FS-111 Finisher/FS-108 Finisher/FS-108BM Finisher /FS-211 Finisher/S-516 Finisher/FS-528 100-Sheet Finisher/ FS-611 Booklet Finisher/FS-612 Booklet Finisher/FS-531 50-Sheet Stapling Finisher

For OCE CS650 Pro/CM5520/ CM6520/CM4521/CS665 PRO/CS550/CS620 , MP 1060/MP 1075/

For Develop ineo 601/751/451/950/ 5501/6501/920

For HP Color 9850 MFP

For Imagistics/Oce im6020/im7520/im9220

For Ikon CPP8050 /CPP8050E/CPP 500/ CPP 650/CPP 550/CPP 560/CPP 660 /BP 550/BP 650/BusinessPro 650/ BusinessPro 500C

Package Content:

2pcs x Paper Exit Gear

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  • Hammas: 20T/100T
  • Vv määr : vähem kui 0,1%
  • värv: Valge
  • tarneaeg: 2-5 working days after payment
  • Brändi Nimi: CNAPPRO
  • Mudeli Number: 12QR77110
  • Kasutamine : Bizhub C500 PRO 600 750 PRO 920 PRO C6500 C451 C550 C650 LD-6500
  • Kogus: 2tk
  • Osa Number P/N: 12QR77110
  • Tüüp: Paper Exit Gear 20T/100T
  • Funktsioon: Ühilduva

Märksõnad: Käik 20T, Konica Minolta, konica minolta bizhub, Odav käik 20t, Kõrge Kvaliteediga konica minolta, Hiina konica minolta bizhub Tarnijad.

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